This is a story of unlikely people pushing the world forward.
After spending 12 years in a refugee camp, our founder moved to New York with a dream and a vision.
A dream of a world where we all matter and a vision to help build this world.
In 2008, this child built a small neighborhood business, using the Internet to learn from the last generation of great creators.
Years later, the child would travel the world while learning from everyone who was kind enough to teach them something.
Traveling throughout Europe and Africa inspired the child to connect with like- minded creators and together they created a collective of creators and called it Swiff.
Because the human race has always thrived through shared knowledge, Swiff is all about creating technologies that will usher us to a better future through our shared experiences.
A future beyond the broken platforms of today, beyond those that treat the human population as data points that can be exploited to create maximum value for a few “shareholders”.
Our vision is to create platforms that value the uniqueness and value of each and every soul in the real world.
Our online interactions should add value to our lives, allowing all of us to thrive and pave the way for the next generation.
We’re calling on the greatest generation of innovators, artists, and change-makers to join us in pushing the world forward. Today is a new day in tech!
We’ll see you on mars Mr. Musk ;)
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Swiff is leading the way in the platforms and products of the future. Join us and together we can define the Internet for the next generation.
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